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Greetings From The Owner

Hello Beauties,


My name is Antoinette JG Bingham, I am a professional Makeup Artist and Certified Lash Technician. I am a Philadelphia-based freelance Artist that travels anywhere you need me to be. I am proficient in Beauty, Bridal, and Special Effects makeup. I also offer group and one-on-one lessons for patrons and beauty experts. I am known for offering an unmatched professional yet warm experience and delivering quality results in a demanding, fast-paced industry. 


Two events in my life are my biggest inspiration for becoming a makeup artist. The first was being a model. I never knew the joy of getting my makeup done until then. The confidence I would feel to do my thing was the greatest ever. The moment I would see myself was always breathtaking. I wanted to share this with everyone. I wanted to create this magic for people everywhere. Well, now the second was losing my job unexpectedly.  I took my frustration from feeling replaced and insignificant, and I decided what better time than now and what better way to take my passion for “Makeup Magic” and create a business. I realized as I began to self-educate that my life was preparing me for the Beauty industry this whole time. From being a dancer as a child and later an AFL Cheerleader, theater in College, then “Off-Broadway,” and lastly, a signed model with Silver Models. Not to mention growing up in a salon as the child of a cosmetologist. I've learned much about makeup application and style through my past professions, hobbies, presence, lighting, and photography.


My unique and abundant skillset gives me the vision and creativity that makes my makeup point of view far one of the BEST in the business and, even more, the GREATEST things I could offer every person I get to work with. 


Your smile, the confidence you exude, and the look on your face truly warm my heart. I feel good about the work I do. It's not “just” makeup to me. I help people be and feel like the best

Antoniette JG Bingham

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